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Charters and Adventures

2017 The past couple years have been very good walleye and perch fishing on eastern Lake Erie out of Sturgeon Point, the forecast for 2017 looks great for walleye. We tried a lot of new areas for walleye, fishing shallow water spots late into the season with great success. The advantage is we can use lighter gear and have more time fishing because we don't make long runs. 2017 I was put on the Field Staff for Mud Hole Custom Tackle. I began making high quality custom rods, which we may be using on the charters soon. I have down sized the group size from a maximum of four anglers to three on the boat. It gives everyone more room for one and allows for a better experience. I have all new Humminbird Electronics on board, the Helix Mega view is exceptional! Smoothmove seats in the front to cushion the ride for us old guys.   

2013 was the best season I have ever experienced on Lake Erie. Personally I was excited I started out catching a giant largemouth in Florida 15 pounds 10 ounces. I felt really good about bringing that good "Karma" north to Lake Erie. In a 50 day span my clients brought to the boat almost 400 walleye. The largest walleye in 2013 weighed in at 11.6 lbs. I am really high on 2014 for walleye. We have a couple good year classes and we should see more big fish. Bass will hold strong. For the perch eastern Lake Erie is way under utilized... what that means is there are millions to be caught. We saw schools of perch 20 feet thick in the fall of 2013. We caught 50 perch per person limits came in a couple hours.  All our fish were caught on CarbonX rods which preformed flawlessly. Book early to insure you get the day you want!

2012 was a great on Lake Erie. The forecast for 2013 is that it will be another banner year. I recommend that you book a charter. I hope it is with me but regardless if you want to experience the best fishing of your life, you need to come and fish eastern Lake Erie. If you love to fish perch, bass or walleye you will not be disappointed, just get here!

2012 we have a new rod sponsorship with Temple Fork Outfitters. You may have heard of TFO as a high end quality flyrod company and they are but TFO has convienced Gary Loomis to join them. Gary Loomis is renowned for designing excellent high quality performance bass rods for G.Loomis®. After selling Loomis Rods in 1997, Gary dedicated his efforts into protecting and rehabilitating the fisheries of the Pacific Northwest. Although, Gary is no longer affiliated with G.Loomis®, his desire to “build the best rods available” remains so he joined TFO to design some of the best affordable rods today. You will be using Gary Loomis Signature Series rods on my boat this season.

2011 we have a new boat, a Tracker Targa,  and Humminbird electronics to make your trip more enjoyable. My goal is to provide the best and safest experience possible. I am very flexible with the structure of a charter and will work with you to have the best trip possible, we can target almost any species that swims in Lake Erie. We could depart any marina from Buffalo, Angola, Dunkirk, or any harbor along the New York shoreline. I would rather have you catching fish than taking long rides to reach the fish.

BASS  Bass is one of my favorites. Generally we practice catch and release when bass fishing but our regulations do allow you to harvest fish. Bass grow big in Lake Erie and fight hard, I can't promise you will land a five pounder but most likely you will hook one the rest is up to you. Rates start at $225 for 1/2 day. 

WALLEYE  I was raised by a walleye fisherman and it has been a long family tradition to pursue these fish. We harvest what we catch, walleye fillets are one of the best tasting fish there are. We have a great year class in 2003 many of these fish are five to six pounds, I like to harvest some of these then if you like we search for the big ten pound and larger walleye. Rates start at $225 for 1/2 day, $325 for full day. 

PERCH  Yellow Perch fishing is a staple on Lake Erie. If there is another fish that may be better eating than walleye it would be perch. Fishing for perch is simple and fun especially for young kids. On perch trips I can easily accommodate three people in the boat. Spring and fall can be some of the best times for catching big perch. Rates start at $225 for 1/2 day. 

PHOTO-ECO TOURS   The sunsets are magnificant on Lake Erie, there are seabirds, ducks, loons, eagles, and views of the shore and city you can see from no other vantage point. Up close views of the wind turbines and light houses watch and photograph sailboats racing on Lake Erie. We even have the capability to look below with an underwater camera, for views of fish that are amazing. Rates start at $50 for 3 guests and $30 for each additional hour. 

WHAT TO BRING  I provide all the tackle, however if you have a favorite rod that can handle the fish we are going after by all means bring it along. Anyone 16 years or older will need a New York State fishing license. It can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Gander Mountain, Weber's Bait Shop near Sturgeon Point or Big Catch Bait and Tackle to name a few outlets. If you have purchased a NYS fishing license before you may qualify to buy online at NYS DECAL . Dress for the weather, it is cooler on the lake. Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and rainsuit are suggestions for starters. Bring a camera to record your catch. Cooler for you catch, keep it in the car for your fish when you head for home. Ice is avaiable at the launch. snacks, and drinks in a small cooler, I always carry a few bottles of water on board. GR8 Lakes Fishing Adventures are exciting enough I do not allow illegal drugs or alcohol on board.

If you have any question do not hesitate to call 716-997-6919 or email Capt. Tom Marks


There is more!

Consider a fishing trip on Lake Okeechobee.

I will be guiding here this winter. I have a winter home not too far away and have fished Okeechobee for years. Okeechobee is making a great come back after some tough years. There are few lakes like it in the US plenty of fish and the sights are fantastic.

Call me and let's talk about going fishing I will be in Florida between November 2nd and March 30th. Dates are limited so don't wait. Rates for one person are 1/2 day, $270 plus live bait. Full day, $375 plus live bait. No charge for extra angler limit is three for the boat.

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